Bloodbath 3 v2

Bloodbath 3

Halloween may be well and truly over, but here is another shot of my Halloween bloodbath (a cheerful antidote to Christmas being thrust upon us so early). For an explanation of what the hell happened to my bathroom see my original post. These are two different […]

bloodbath 1


With no party to go to and Jayne at the pub, I decided to have a little Halloween fun on my own in the bathroom with the Jack O’Lantern I’d carved the previous evening and a big bottle of fake blood left over from a […]

the off shore windfarm at Redcar, north-east England

A return to Redcar windfarm

While I was visiting my family in Redcar (on the north-east coast of England) I decided to return to the off-shore wind farm with my camera. This time I took shots from the observation deck on top of the Redcar Beacon (last time I took […]

ventriloquist dummy

Chuckie 7

This last is the image of my Chuckie series (see the first post for an explanation). A more subtle use of texture employed here, which is responsible for the strong vignette and the orange burn around the edges of the image. So bye bye Chuckie, […]

ventriloquist dummy

Chuckie 4

Another shot of my father’s ventriloquist dummy Chuckie (see previous post). No textures in this one, just a straight forward conversion to black and white. Although I did add a moderate amount of grain. Curiously, I was showing these pictures to my parents and it […]

ventriloquist dummy

Chuckie 3

Another shot of my father’s ventriloquist dummy Chuckie (see previous post). I’ve used these shots of Chuckie as an opportunity to experiment with texture layers and I’ve been following some of the excellent tutorials on the Shadowhouse Creations blog, along with using some of the […]

ventriloquist dummy

Chuckie 2

Another shot of my father’s ventriloquist dummy Chuckie. As with the previous image, I dropped in some texture layers for creative effect.