The petals of a dried up sunflower

Dead sunflower 3

A close up shot of the dried and decaying petals of a dead sunflower. I managed to get quite a few interesting shots from this bunch of dead flowers (see my previous post) – I feel that I definitely got my money’s worth, not to […]

A dried and brittle red rose

Dead rose

A close up shot of a dried and brittle red rose. As the result of some crazy romantic impulse I bought Jayne a beautifully-arranged bunch of flowers, which included some nice red roses :-) When they were past their best I let them dry out, […]

Marilyn Monroe at gay pride August 2013


I’m always a little behind on my photo editing (I spend far too much time playing video games). The 2014 Brighton Gay Pride event was held this past weekend but this shot, of a Marilyn Monroe impersonator posing nicely for my camera, is actually from […]

Mountain range seen from airplane window

Mountain range

A shot of a mountain range I took through the airplane window flying back from Cyprus to the UK. I think it may have been over the Italian Alps, but I’m not exactly sure where we were when I took this.