Beach of the Dead IV, 30 October 2010.

Beach of the Dead is a “zombie walk” that takes place annually in Brighton on the Halloween weekend. Inspired by the classic horror film genre (particularly the George A Romero films), participants garb themselves up as the undead and parade en masse in character from the central train station to the Concorde 2 night club on the seafront.

This was the forth year running and the biggest turn out yet, with an estimated 3000 people taking part. This was also our first time in taking part.

For more info on this event:

3 Replies to “neckbolt zombie”

    1. Thanks. I wish I had gotten more, but it was very difficult taking photographs with an SLR in full costume (desperately trying not to get any of the still wet fake blood/gore on my camera) and in the middle of a dense, moving crowd. Plus we had to leave early to meet a friend. But there is always next year…

  1. Hi Stevie, Enjoyed seeing your photos of the zombie walk in Brighton, this one in partiular. Visit my blog if you’d like a peek at my shots of the day. Hope to make it again next month. all the best, Kathryn

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