Another zombie from Beach of the Dead V, 22 October 2011. More like the Hulk with a head wound than a zombie, better not get this one angry.

Beach of the Dead is a “zombie walk” that takes place annually in Brighton near to the time of Halloween. Inspired by the classic horror film genre (particularly the George A Romero films), participants garb themselves up as the undead and parade en masse in character from the Victoria Gardens on Grand Parade to the Concorde 2 night club on the seafront.

This year an estimated 4000 people took part in the march.

For more info on this event:

Offical Facebook page
Offical MySpace page

4 Replies to “3D specs zombie”

  1. I thought there wouldn’t be any cell phone service on the apocalyptic day arrives when the dead walk the earth? This has been an excellent series, Stevie. (p.s This Nishita theme is great, isn’t it?)

    1. Thanks. Some zombies were more “in character” than others!

      Yes, the new theme is good. I’ve patiently been waiting for some new themes more geared up towards photoblogging. And a dark background is a must for me.

  2. I like your other more “feels like zombie” photos, but this one makes me laugh, which I like too. I agree on themes. I’m still looking for a better one. And a dark background is a must (why aren’t there more of them?).

    1. This photo amused me, which is why I decided to process and post it. Yes, it would be nice to have a better variety of themes suitable for photoblogging. You gain access to more themes if you upgrade to a pro account, which I think also gives you more control over the look of your blog via CSS editing (lots of fun).

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