Another zombie from Beach of the Dead V, 22 October 2011. I guess even long forgotten 90s rockers rise from the dead. I couldn’t decide which crop I preferred, so I posted both. As you can see, I’ve been messing around with some selective colour – a trick I used on several of last year’s zombies (eg here and here). It’s a simple trick achieved by layering the monochrome version on top of the colour version. You then add a mask to the monochrome layer and use the brush tool over the areas you want to reveal in colour.

Beach of the Dead is a “zombie walk” that takes place annually in Brighton near to the time of Halloween. Inspired by the classic horror film genre (particularly the George A Romero films), participants garb themselves up as the undead and parade en masse in character from the Victoria Gardens on Grand Parade to the Concorde 2 night club on the seafront.

This year an estimated 4000 people took part in the march.

For more info on this event:

Offical Facebook page
Offical MySpace page

5 Replies to “90s rocker zombie”

    1. I definitely prefer the close crop. The color really pops, and it helps focus my attention. Otherwise my eye constantly drifts towards that person in a bear costume… WTF?!

      Seriously though, i love your zombie series. Great photos!

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