Another zombie from Beach of the Dead V, 22 October 2011. Love this guy’s facial wound, it’s quite convincing.

Beach of the Dead is a “zombie walk” that takes place annually in Brighton near to the time of Halloween. Inspired by the classic horror film genre (particularly the George A Romero films), participants garb themselves up as the undead and parade en masse in character from the Victoria Gardens on Grand Parade to the Concorde 2 night club on the seafront.

This year an estimated 4000 people took part in the march.

For more info on this event:

Offical Facebook page
Offical MySpace page

4 Replies to “peaked cap zombie”

    1. Thanks. Someone filming a zombie flick could have easily used a lot of these zombies as extras. Some great costumes and make-up – I think the fancy dress shops in Brighton did some good business this October.

    1. Well there is plenty more to come, so you might get fed up of my zombies soon enough. I took nearly 300 pictures that day, though I don’t intend to post anywhere near that many. Cheap, high-capacity memory cards will be the death of us all!

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