Yee-haw! Uuuuunnnngg… braaaaaaiiinnnnsss. Is a straw hat the traditional apparel of a cowboy?

Beach of the Dead V, 22 October 2011. Beach of the Dead is a “zombie walk” that takes place annually in Brighton near to the time of Halloween. Inspired by the classic horror film genre (particularly the George A Romero films), participants garb themselves up as the undead and parade en masse in character from the Victoria Gardens on Grand Parade to the Concorde 2 night club on the seafront.

This year an estimated 4000 people took part in the march.

For more info on this event:

Offical Facebook page
Offical MySpace page

4 Replies to “cowboy zombie”

  1. Another great capture, Nice! Its interesting that they went to the level of detail to ‘paint’ in and behind his ear, but stopped at the bottom of his nose around his nostrils.

    Nice framing the face against the black (sweatshirt?), with the bloody T-shirt balancing the right half.

    1. Thanks.

      Not sure what you mean about the nostril? I’m pretty sure I didn’t do any masking/painting on this image, though I did on some of the other zombie pics (in order to process the subject differently to the background). In fact, I did very little processing on this image, aside from minor contrast tweaking and a little sharpening across the whole image.

      I think the black background is more a result of the strong shadows and highlights caused by a bright low-lying autumn sun and choosing to slightly underexpose for the cowboys sunlight face in order to bring out the detail.

    1. Thanks.

      For the rotating header, simply upload one or more additional header images and then check the “Random: Show a different image on each page” box. Also, if you use the “featured image” function when creating or editing a post/page, you can have a specific header image for that post/page.

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