I took this photo out of the car window as we drove down from Mount Etna towards the town of Randazzo. I can’t drive so when I’m being chauffeured around by my girlfriend I often entertain myself by leaning out of the passenger window and snapping anything that catches my interest. Obviously a fast shutter speed is essential (>1/400 ideally, but you can sometimes get away with less if going slow) and you only get a second or two to frame your shot (continuous-shooting mode helps) – which can be fun on a bumpy road. Oh, and make sure you’ve got the camera strap round your neck!

6 Replies to “turbines”

    1. Thanks! Mostly practice and experience (like I said, I can’t drive so I do this a lot), but switching to continuous shooting mode on your camera and taking a quick succession of photos as the subject matter passes helps – you can always delete the bad/uninteresting ones.

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