Another shot of the Basilica di Santa Maria in Randazzo, Sicily. I’m not totally happy with the presence of the Christmas lights across the length of the shot, but I thought it would be too much work to airbrush them out (I did airbrush out another cable that ran against the sky, perpendicular to the visible cable), and my framing is a little skewed to the left. That said, I like the angle/perspective and mood of the sky. I’m now wondering whether I should crop into a square format?

The Basilica di Santa Maria, is a 13th-century church with a façade completely built of black lava stone. It was originally constructed by the Normans, who came to Sicily in the 11th century, but the building was subsequently added to other the years, such as the 15th-century side portals in the Catalan-Gothic style. The church is situated in Randazzo, which sits on the northern foot of Mount Etna. Unfortunately the church was closed, so we didn’t get to see inside.

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