Thanks for the blog awards

I’m very proud to receive some awards from my fellow bloggers. However, as these chain awards are in wide circulation and it would mean nominating nearly 40 other blogs that haven’t already received these, I’m going to break the rules and simply thank those who nominated my photoblog for an award and write a little blurb about their respective blogs.

Liebster Blog award

First up is Jeremy of the rather unusually titled photoblog A boy with shoes, who nominated me for the the Liebster. Jeremy is an excellent photographer who likes snapping shoes and anything interesting he comes across on his daily five-mile walk. I love his high-contrast black & white images, adventurous but well thought out framing, and complementary post-processing. His current project focussing on a water tower is definitely worth checking out. He also likes zombies! Thanks Jeremy!

The Kreativ Blogger award

Tania of Taniajessicasmith nominated me for the Kreativ award. Tania’s blog comprises a healthy mix of photography (she seems very well travelled!), paintings, sketches and other self-made creations. Tania’s photography is excellent and highly varied in subject matter – her landscapes and travel photos are stunning, but she takes a good animal picture too. Her artwork is amazing and highly imaginative. Definitely a lady of many talents. Thanks Tania!

Versatile Blogger Award

Two of my fellow bloggers nominated me for the Versatile award. First up is Pause of the photoblog Rodposse. Pause is an energetic photographer who captures a wide range of subjects in a dynamic, colourful and inquisitive fashion. Thanks Pause!

smackedpentax of the photoblog Walking with a smacked Pentax also nominated me for this award. smackedpentax is an excellent landscape photographer who specialises in pictures of Yorkshire and the Lake District in England, where he spends his free time exploring. Some of the images are stunning, plus he adds in a little local history for context, giving a great insight to both of these regions. Definitely worth checking out if fancy visiting either. Thanks smackedpentax!

Sunshine Blog award

manojuchila of Googsy’s Photography nominated me for the Sunshine award. What I like about Googsy’s Photography is the incredibly varied subject matter and the sense of playful curiosity. I assume that manojuchila is a little like myself in that they will photograph anything that seems to catch/please the eye – landscapes, flowers and plants, insects and animals, buildings, household objects, macros, mesmerising lighting effects and curious little abstracts. Thanks manojuchila!



  1. You are quite right… I have a little photo on both my blogs that says no awards please.. People mean well but they are really like chain letters and so time consuming for everyone..,, I give you no award except to say I enjoy your blog very much !

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