railway crossing

Another drive-by shooting. This time somewhere on the journey between 1770 and Yeppoon (my camera doesn’t have GPS, it’s not that fancy!).

This is a bit more of an “experimental” processing – I had just downloaded the demo of Lightroom 4 and I couldn’t resist playing around with the presets. Anyway I kind of liked the result.

I’d never used Lightroom before. Prior to this I used Adobe Bridge to browse my photos and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to prep them ready for import into Photoshop (I shoot exclusively in Nikon’s RAW format NEF). Lightroom effectively combines Bridge and ACR, allowing me to browse and make most of my adjustments with just one tool, significantly cutting down on the need to import into PS. The best bit is that all the adjustments made in Lightroom are nondestructive and the history navigator allows you to keep track of exactly what adjustments have been made for every single photo and to easily reverse all your steps. Anyway, I’m a convert and have since purchased a licence (£100 seems pretty cheap for Adobe software!).



  1. I think there is room for at least one more warning sign. Lightroom has become central to my processing as I become lazier in post. My only issue was that I felt my RAW files were a bit flat and soft in Lightroom but then I setup some RAW presets and can flip through to find better “starting points.”

  2. I too downloaded the trial version right after it came out and then bought it at the 30 days. I LOVE The program. I used to use Photoshop CS2 and LR4 is heads and tails above that version. I’ve started to create some presets of my own. I love how I can “back create” the settings that worked rather than work “forward” in Photoshop.

    Still a lot (TON) to learn, especially on organizing. I have my own folder method and I don’t like how the import creates more folders (just takes up space IMHO)

    1. Yeah, I have CS4 which uses ACR5 whereas LR4 uses ACR7, which is much better at rendering my Nikon RAW files and it’s much cheaper than upgrading to CS6.

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