two birds sitting in a tree

1/2000 (shutter priority); f/9; 56mm (84@35mm); ISO 400

Yet another drive-by shooting. But that’s because we did a three-day road trip from Brisbane (where Jayne’s sister lives) to Mackay (where her other sister lives), spending nights in Maryborough and Yeppoon. On the second day we stopped for lunch in 1770 (we were driving a DeLorean ;-)) – this particular shot was taken somewhere between 1770 and Yeppoon.

A three-day drive might not sound like fun to a lot of people, but it’s a great way to see Australia and take in the stunning, colourful and fantastically varied scenery. Having a good supply of music helps too, but that’s what mp3 players are for!



    1. Glad you spotted them. I often struggle with naming my photographs/posts and when I noticed the birds in the tree, I thought that’ll do – just say what you see!

  1. Wow, love this – your eye’s drawn to the birds immediately, and then, because there’s no other creature around, you see just how far into the wilderness you’ve gone.

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