breakfast with the koalas

1/200; f/11; 95mm (142@35mm); ISO 400; SB-600 speedlight

One morning, as a treat for Jayne’s niece, we went to Hamilton Island Wildlife Park to have breakfast with the koalas. Basically while you eat your buffet breakfast, koala bears sit nearby in indoor trees doing… well not much, they’re pretty docile creatures. For a not inconsiderable fee you can also cuddle one (we passed!).

Their larger, carnivorous counterparts are a very different proposition. “Drop bears” sit up in the treetops and drop down onto the heads of their unsuspecting victims, attacking mercilessly with vicious, razor sharp claws. Fortunately it’s just a silly yarn that Aussies use to wind up gullible tourists – they’re marsupials not bears!



    1. Thanks. I suspect they pick the most lethargic koalas so that they stay put in the trees while you eat your breakfast and for the “cuddle” sessions with the kids – those claws are actually quite sharp.

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