mouth full zombie1/320(shutter priority); f/5.6 ; 200mm (300@35mm); ISO 1600

Another participant from the Beach of the Dead.

7 Replies to “mouth full zombie”

  1. Nice one – love the contrast with the more restrained (non-)zombie in the background. I’ve loved your shots this year, Stevie. Thanks for all the support. Have a great Christmas and New Year! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Though the use of high ISO was more a practical choice than an aesthetic one as the light conditions were pretty poor that day (overcast and raining a little) and the zombie were walking at an unzombie like pace, so I needed to use a faster than usual shutter speed. I did have my speed light with me that day, but I was conscientious of annoying/startling people with it, so I decided against it in the end. But I did deliberately introduce grain into the images because of the high ISO.

    1. I agree. I was attracted to this zombie because of the intestine hanging from her mouth (which was pretty long and gruesome), but this was the best framing I managed to capture and it’s heavily cropped as I was unable to get much closer.

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