workman zombie1/320(shutter priority); f/5.6 ; 200mm (300@35mm); ISO 1600

Another participant from the Beach of the Dead.

5 Replies to “workman zombie”

    1. Perhaps. Though in the past people have often commented that my images are far too dark so I’ve become conscious of this in post process (I have a penchant for strong contrast). That said the monitor calibration and OS and web browser colour settings means that any image displayed on the web will vary from system to system – so I guess you can’t please everyone!

      1. Us ‘people’ are great aren’t we? Always go with what you think you want (I’m sure you do!) – sure we ‘others’ can comment from our personal perception, based on the output of our monitors, but you lose your personal style if ‘suggestions’ sway you away from what your ‘vision’. 😉

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