clown zombie1/320(shutter priority); f/5.6 ; 200mm (300@35mm); ISO 1600

Last of my pics from the Beach of the Dead zombie march held last October!

7 Replies to “clown zombie”

  1. Me and clowns have never gotten along. This is all-too spooky…BUT…I love the colors and how you placed the emphasis on the two different eyes! Oh, I just noticed…you introduced some grain in the background! How did you do that? Look very cool!

    1. Thanks! Yes there is something evil about clowns, especially after reading Stephen King’s IT.

      Although I do sometimes deliberately add in grain to my shots, the grain in this shot is due to the high ISO when shot, which became more emphasised when I increased the midtone contrast (ie the clarity slider in Lightroom and Adobe Raw). So in this case it’s actually a byproduct of the editing process!

      1. The high ISO. Thanks! You know, I thought about that earlier but it didn’t dawn on me ’cause I thought you may have added a filter to create the effect. Beautiful shot, though creepy! lol

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