clown zombie

clown zombie

brighton, zombies & Halloween

clown zombie1/320(shutter priority); f/5.6 ; 200mm (300@35mm); ISO 1600

Last of my pics from the Beach of the Dead zombie march held last October!

7 thoughts on “clown zombie”

  1. Me and clowns have never gotten along. This is all-too spooky…BUT…I love the colors and how you placed the emphasis on the two different eyes! Oh, I just noticed…you introduced some grain in the background! How did you do that? Look very cool!

    • Thanks! Yes there is something evil about clowns, especially after reading Stephen King’s IT.

      Although I do sometimes deliberately add in grain to my shots, the grain in this shot is due to the high ISO when shot, which became more emphasised when I increased the midtone contrast (ie the clarity slider in Lightroom and Adobe Raw). So in this case it’s actually a byproduct of the editing process!

      • The high ISO. Thanks! You know, I thought about that earlier but it didn’t dawn on me ’cause I thought you may have added a filter to create the effect. Beautiful shot, though creepy! lol

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