Evil gnomes 5

evil gnomes 530 secs; f/18 (aperture priority); 200mm (300@35mm); ISO 200; Canon macro filter

This evil gnome only has a bloody stump for a hand. Perhaps self-inflicted?


  1. I’m liking how the lighting works for these gnomes. There’s a warm feel to them but at the same time something’s off. I’m not quite sure whether to enjoy them or remain terrified by them. These gnome photos also bring back memories of the garden gnomes I used to see when I was a kid. I never liked passing by them and used to walk on the other side of the street whenever I had pass by them. Great composition!

    1. Thanks. I experimented with the lighting a fair bit and I ended up shooting in pitch blackness, lighting the gnomes with several tealight candles placed around them (hence the long exposure times).

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