Evil gnomes 8

3 sec; f/18 (aperture priority); 200mm (300@35mm); ISO 200; Canon macro filter

The evil gnomes keep acoming. This one was also shot in natural light as opposed to candlelight.

4 Replies to “Evil gnomes 8”

  1. There’s something awfully sinister about this photo. Not sure if it’s the position it was taken or the use of the color red in this. It could also be how the red trails from the lips. Well, whatever it is, I find it kind of terrifying. I think I’ll need to sleep with the light on tonight!

    1. Thanks. I messed around with quite a few angles in the hope of making the gnomes look sinister, so I’m glad I found some that worked.With regards to the reds I lowered the overall saturation, but increased the red tones.

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