Evil gnomes 12

Yet another gnome pic. Similar to the last one I processed, but edited differently (some good old-fashioned selective colouring)

I haven’t been around much on wordpress lately, so apologies for not keeping up with people’s blogs. I’ve been a bit distracted with work and attempting to learn a foreign language (French for those who are interested!). My course has now finished (well until October) so I should have more time to dedicate to photography again โ€“ I just need to get out and take some pics!

I’ve also recently had a mini-disaster โ€“ the hard drive with my photo library on got completely wiped (don’t ask!). I lost some recent photo sessions and I also lost quite a lot of work done in Photoshop, which I had somehow failed to back up (though I still have the lower resolution end products stored on my Flickr account). The good news is that 99% of my photos are archived onto DVDs and all the work done in Lightroom (where I do most of my editing now) was backed up into a catalogue file that was stored on a different drive (phew!). Anyway, the moral of the story is back your stuff up regularly and systematically!!!

6 Replies to “Evil gnomes 12”

  1. Great pic again, and, if I am honest, I hadn’t recognised the selective colouring until I read about it. I know what you mean about distractions getting in the way – Comment ca va, ta langue francaise? – sometimes I’m just hankering after that lottery win to get me out of the workplace! As Richard mentioned, really good that you didn’t lose too much, but a rule for us all! Back up, back up, back up! (Which reminds me…) ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Another great pic, Stevie. Like that red popping out from the hand and the shiny beard. I get a cold feeling from it as well. Not sure how to describe it. Yeah, I’ll go with cold. Anyway, fabulous job, as always.

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