Wind farm 3


Wind farm 2

Another shot of the wind farm at Redcar beach. See previous post for more info.



  1. I like how this photo reminds me of the 60s during the Kennedy era. Well, that is, if the wind farm wasn’t there, but it’s the look of it that’s great. When I render to B&W I’m usually playing with color levels to emphasize shading. Do you do the same?

    1. Thanks, I see what you mean. Yes, this is the main technique I use to create B&W images and I think it gives you a lot of control over the output. I now how multiple presets set-up in Lightroom that I can use as starting points.

    1. Thanks. I found it quite surreal being there – all these families enjoying a day on the beach with dozens of these huge turbines looming in the near distance. I can see how this reminds you of Ballard, there is certainly something a little dystopian about it.

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