My first post for quite some time and it’s another shot from the seafront at Redcar.

Sad new zombie lovers, the annual Brighton zombie march (i.e. Beach Of The Dead), which normally takes place in October, has been cancelled this year. In the words of event organiser Kate Amer: “From matters beyond our organiser’s control Beach Of The Dead needs to allow the dead to rest until the grey matter decays”.

Apparently, 6000 of the living dead participated last year and with a similar number expected this year, the organisers have been unable to raise enough money for an increase in stewarding, medical costs and event insurance. Hopefully, they will find a way to hold future events.

A real shame as this event has been a great source of photography for me in the past. And I always enjoy the ritual of dressing in torn second-hand clothes, drenching myself in fake blood and sticking on prosthetic wounds.

2 Replies to “Sea fishing boat”

  1. Not a good sign for us zombie lovers at all. And what is grey matter anyway? Oh, well…there’s always next year–hopefully.

    As for the pic? I love it! I can feel the texture on the boat as I peel off the paint from its bow. Great shot!

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