House of Theseus

House of theseus 2

House of theseus 1

The House of Theseus is the remains of a Roman residence excavated at Paphos Archaeological Park in Cyprus. The residence dates back to the second century and is named after the principal mosaic, which depicts the Greek myth of Theseus killing the Minotaur. Also depicted in the mosaic are King Minos of Crete and his daughter Ariadne, who fell in love with Theseus and aided him by providing a ball of wool to navigate his way back out of the labyrinth. The outer circular pattern represents the labyrinth in which the Minotaur lived.



  1. This is nuts! What crazy detail. I’ve never been a fan of the myth…story…(too many plot holes for my taste!), but this is truly amazing and I have so much respect for a culture that made sure they persisted in time.

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