Mr Lizard returns again

Mr Lizard returns again

Another lizard I came across in Cyprus. Once again this shot is heavily cropped as this was as close as I dared get (didn’t want to scare the little fellow off) with my 200mm lens.


  1. I’ve enjoyed your images from Cyprus.
    There’s an outside chance I might get there myself, later in the year. Last time we went we took weren’t very adventurous, more of a last rays of sun holiday, this time maybe more exploring.)

    1. Cyprus gives you the best of both worlds, great beaches and weather, plus tonnes of historic and cultural places to visit. Cyprus has a very long and varied history.

      Definitely worth renting a car, like we did – it’s the best way to explore the island and the drives are quite pleasant. And they drive on the left-hand side of the road!

      1. Interesting that you should mention a car, I would normally get one but if we go as planned it’s likely that we won’t on this occasion – though it wouldn’t be a surprise if we got one for two or three days when we got there!

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