The remains of a Roman marble column lying on the ground at Ancient Salamis in north-eastern Cyprus.

One of the things that struck me about Salamis is that none of the ruins are fenced off or off bounds and there are no purposely-created or designated paths to guide your route through the ruins. You are free to walk and climb wherever you want, which allows for better exploration and is great for photography.

However, much here still has yet to be properly excavated and catalogued, and despite trying to be careful we often were accidentally kicking or stepping on bits of Roman pottery/masonry and walking on loose and unprotected mosaics and paths. I felt that considering the historical importance of the site, it wasn’t being particularly well looked after.

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        1. No, I think it was either Dougga or Thuburbo Majus. We did one of those day tours where you get driven around in a 4×4 to various archaeological sites. It was pretty cool. We did do Carthage though, but on a different day.

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