A Roman road/path flanked on either side by ruined marble columns at Ancient Salamis in north-eastern Cyprus. This is actually the entrance to the gymnasium complex, covered in my next post.

If you love classical ruins and you’re in Cyprus then Ancient Salamis is a must. As said in my previous post, nothing is off-limits and this is a great place for exploration amongst the in situ ruins. Unfortunately, there are hardly any signposts and the infrequent map boards are almost indecipherable (I’m pretty sure they’re not to scale). We got lost a few times. A bit more information about the buildings and structures would have also been nice.

A hat and sunscreen are essential as there is next to no cover from the blistering eastern-Mediterranean sun (we went in March!). As are a good pair of shoes – the site is huge and you’ll be doing a lot of walking across loose stone paths and rocky dirt tracks. There is a small shop there but you’ll probably want to bring water and some food. If you can find a shady spot, it’s a great place for a picnic.

My first instincts with this shot were to go for black and white. But I made a few monochrome versions in Lightroom and wasn’t quite satisfied with any of them, so I decided to opt for colour. In the end, I thought it best to airbrush out of the telegraph poles and wires in the far background.

6 Replies to “Colanneded Roman road”

  1. Hard to believe at one time this place was an area populated by the greatest empire the world had ever seen. I find this pic even more wild for the sheer magnitude of its implications that empire no longer exists. Wild, indeed!

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