A dried and brittle red rose

Dead rose

A dried and brittle red rose

A close up shot of a dried and brittle red rose. As the result of some crazy romantic impulse I bought Jayne a beautifully-arranged bunch of flowers, which included some nice red roses 🙂 When they were past their best I let them dry out, as I figured they might make an interesting subject for my photography.

This was also one of the first shots on my fancy new camera. Yes, after more than seven years of faithful service and nearly 40,000 shots, my Nikon D40 has been retired (well, actually I gave it to a friend who is just getting into photography). So long live my Nikon D5100, which I picked up in mint condition and at a bargain price on eBay.

Though still at the lower end of the Nikon DSLR ladder, the D5100 is still a significant upgrade over my ageing D40. It boosts an improved sensor (CMOS vs CCD), a bigger ISO range (100–6400 vs 200-1600), higher resolution (16.2MP vs 6.1MP), exposure bracketing, more focus points (11 vs 3), automatic sensor cleaning, liveview, HD1080p video recording, and one of those silly articulated screens.

Will it make me a better photographer? Probably not. But it should give me a bit more flexibility and versatility when composing my shots and should, in general, provide sharper and more detailed images. I’m just hoping it lasts as long as my D40 did.



  1. Cool grungy shot here, fits in with your zombies somehow, love the dark feel and the texture.
    They always say its the photographer not the camera, but I think it’s necessary to love your tools to feel good about taking a shot! Enjoy the 5100!

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