ventriloquist dummy

Chuckie 5

ventriloquist dummy

The latest shot in a short series featuring my father’s ventriloquist dummy Chuckie (see previous post).

Also, I’ve just started a new blog on my other passion, gaming. Anyone who’s interested can check it out here: Only one post at the moment, but I hope to be doing a mixture of retrospective pieces on classic video games and features on more recent games that interest me. If you don’t get the cake reference then you’ve probably never played Portal 🙂



  1. haha you certainly ricked Chuckie before your Dad turfed him out! Great colours and nice subtle textures. I’ll skip the gaming blog, last one I did was Call of Duty not sure which one, 2nd world war it was, shot and killed my way through it in 3 days and then decided that was me done. 🙂

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