More gears

more gears

Another close-up shot of the mechanical clock at Salisbury Cathedral. Ironically, these were the only pictures I took at the cathedral that I thought were interesting. That said I did enjoy my visit there especially thanks to the slightly mad guide who accosted us and made sure we learnt all about the place (and her dislike of Edward Heath, whose grave I accidentally walked over!).


  1. Well the dead can’t complain so no worries. Love the gears. Am quite surprised there wasn’t anything interesting in the cathedral, I had a google at it and the gothic architecture is wonderful, HDR fodder!

    1. Oh it was interesting, for sure, but sometimes its hard to put a new angle on stuff that’s been done to death. Plus it was pretty busy, so people were just getting in my way all the time; so the enthusiasm wasn’t there I’m afraid.

      1. Next time you’re up this way, try Newcastle Cathedral, it is absolutely gorgeous inside with lots of interesting bits, and not many people (they’re all in the pub :D) and it’s smaller than usual ones. I did a post on it back last year somewhere if you search my search thingy if you ever do and need reference. Mind I suppose you might have already been!

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