Chinese man


Last shot, I think, from the curious display of recycled junk cum art at Don Pillimpo’s garden at La Villa de Teguise in Lanzarote. I might have gone a bit over the top here playing about with the Nik Collection plugin tools, which I only recently learnt had been made available for free by Google earlier in the year (having previously at one time cost up to $500). Still, it was a fun and informative session!


    1. That sucks. I read that they gave out refunds to anyone who bought it in 2016, but I’m guessing that’s not you. It is weird that Google acquired the Nik Collection, then basically didn’t know what to do with it so ended up giving it away for free.

    1. No it was originally colour (I take all my shots in RAW and do everything in post process) , but I desaturated it a fair bit before using the Analog Efex tool on it, which basically creates vintage camera effects including dust & scratches and plate textures.

      The Nik Collection is a plugin package for Lightroom and Photoshop. In addition to the one I used, there’s a plugin for colour filters, monochrome filters, tonality, HDR, noise reduction and sharpening. It’s all preset based, but there’s a lot of room for customisation and creating your own presets from scratch. Plus they’re pretty straightforward to use if you’re used to using things like Lightroom.

      1. Sounds great – I use an old edition of PS, so this looks very interesting. Yes, RAW’s the way to go, definitely. The difference between it and JPG is massive. It somehow makes it better that your original shot was colour 🙂

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