Fountains Abbey


Still catching up on old photos, this is from the spring (quite an overcast and chilly day I do recall!).

These ruins are part of the huge Fountains Abbey site in North Yorkshire. It was a Cistercian monastery, founded in 1132, that operated for nearly 400 years until it was surrendered to Henry VIII in 1539 as part of the Dissolution. It’s maintained by the National Trust and listed as UNESCO World Heritage site.



    1. Thanks, I mostly use Lightroom these days and only dip into to Photoshop when I want to use layers and textures. But I do have some really old photos that I would love to revisit, but I need to get through the current backlog first!!!

      1. Have you got yourself a copy of Nik software yet? I downloaded it recently – I think it will be my go to software for a lot of my black and white conversions. Nik is owned by google now and they have made the software free.

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