Finally found some time to start catching up on the photos I took in Crete, back in September. This was taken inside one of the subterranean mausoleums at the bronze age cemetery just outside Armeni in Crete – the cool air a pleasant respite from the scorching sun up above.

The site dates from the Late Minoan period (1450-1100BC), also known as the Post-Palatial period (i.e. after the fall of the great palaces). Excavated in 1961, this necropolis consists of some 231 rock-hewn tombs and finds included pottery, clay coffins, weapons, jewellery, vases, bronze work and, famously, a helmet made from boar tusks – all now relocated to the archaeological museums at Rethymno and Iraklio (Heraklion). Curiously, an associated settlement of appropriate size has never been found.



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