Tin Scarecrow

One of the creepier exhibitions at the British Ironwork Centre.

If you’re ever at lose end in Shropshire, I can highly recommend this place. The sculpture park is huge and populated with hundreds of fantastic metalwork statues ranging from life-size safari animals to huge dinosaurs and giant gorillas, Greek soldiers and mythical creatures, and Terminators and Aliens.

Plus much of the artwork is for sale, if you can afford it! You can even get blacksmithing lessons there. And obviously they do coffee and cake 🙂



      1. One of my favourite books features a section where the Oz characters invade Texas and start fighting amongst themselves in full steampunk fashion. Your pic reminded me of that!

          1. It’s the Otherland series by Tad Williams. Set in the (near) future, ‘evil geniuses’ are stealing children’s minds to create an online haven that that can upload to when they die. The Otherland is made up of hundreds of different worlds, Oz is just one of them.

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