Mynydd Parys

Mynydd Parys (or Parys Mountain) is the site of a large historical open-cast copper mine near Amlwch in Anglesey, Wales.

The mountain was originally mined in the early bronze age and possibly during the Roman period. It was then rediscovered and heavily exploited during the 18th century when it became know as the “Copper Kingdom” and was thought to be the largest copper mine in the world.

Parts of the mountain are still mined today, though much is now open to the public and you can meander at your leisure along the trails – exploring the ruins, reading the information boards and taking in all those marvellous shades of orange, yellow and red. The site is internationally recognised for its history, archaeology, geology and biodiversity. And the locals seem to like walking their dogs there.



    1. Yeah, the light was very variable that day and it showered on a few occasions (and it was very cold!), but I still managed to get a handful of interesting shots.

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