A naked lady holding an illuminated globe. Yup, it’s an art nouveau lamp. Or is it deco? Antiques and art styles were never my strong point. Anyway, it’s part of the 20th Century Art & Design display at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. Locals get in free, which is always a win!


6 Replies to “Lady of the lamp”

  1. Art Nouveau is more flowery, or decorative, like Tiffany lamps, Lallique Jewellry etc, and it’s heyday was 1880’s to just before WW1. Art Deco emerged after the war until the 2nd began and embraced new materials like chrome and stainless steel, more streamlined and using bold shapes. I knew that Art A level would come in useful at some point in life!! Lovely shot too, I like the perspective. It looks Deco to me from what I can see of it.

    1. Thanks. I did exaggerate my ignorance a little for comic effect!!! The display included both Nouveau and Deco items (as well as stuff from subsequent decades/periods) and couldn’t remember which this fell under, especially as all my shots are so tightly cropped. Memory like a sieve! But yeah, it might actually be Deco.

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