Inside the wonderfully picturesque Toronto Necropolis, which is a historic non-denominational cemetery in Cabbagetown.

The grave marker in the foreground is for Captain Francis Jackman, who was born in Goring in Sussex, England and died 21 March 1892 in Toronto. Coincidentally, I used to travel through Goring on my daily commute between Brighton and Chichester. Small world!

Captain Jackman was a merchant sailor who traded between South Africa and Toronto in the “famous” schooner Seagull. His beloved wife, Matilda Jane Wray, is also interred here. She was born 1832 in Ireland and died 21 September 1888 in Toronto.

Check out my previous post to read a badly paraphrased history of this fascinating cemetery.

9 Replies to “Captain Jackman”

      1. My ex husband and I were big film buffs and before we married we used to go to the cinema in Horsham, where we lived, one of the weekend nights and to Brighton to see a different film on the other night.. We both worked nights ( nursing) so only had Saturday and Sunday nights. I remember that Brighton had THE best cheese shop and apparently still has.

        1. Sounds like you had a good system! I wonder which cheese shop that is. There used to be a really good one in Hove that closed permanently a year or so ago after a very suspicious break-in (cough cough insurance job) but that shop had only been around for 5 or 10 years.

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