A cheeky raccoon atop a shed adjacent to our backyard. I say “cheeky” because this fellow is part of a gaze of raccoons about to use some phone cables to cross our yard into the area where our bins are stored!

And for once, I had my camera, equipped with a 300mm lens and Speedlight, ready for action.

We’ve been living in Canada for over a year now, yet the novelty of raccoons still hasn’t worn off. We often sit out back at night and watch the little rascals scale fences, scutter over rooftops and tightrope walk across utility cables.

Raccoons are very intelligent and social creatures, and I love how they work together in groups, taking turns to be the lookout. They’re also very cute!

By the way, other collective nouns for raccoons include brace, mask, nursery, smack and troop, but I think gaze is my current favourite!

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