St. John’s Norway Cemetery & Crematorium.

After the snowfall in late January, which became an almost permanent feature in Toronto over the next month or so, I couldn’t resist taking my camera to a cemetery. There’s just something strangely romantic and picturesque about graves blanketed in snow, but then again I’ve always been a bit of a goth a heart.

My first choice would have been the Toronto Necropolis, but we don’t have a car, cycling wasn’t really an option, and I wasn’t keen on taking public transport unnecessarily during the lockdown, so I decided to head to somewhere within reasonable walking distance. And that place was St. John’s Norway Cemetery & Crematorium, which I had previously visited last summer.

6 Replies to “Winter Vigil”

    1. Thanks, I’ll check it out sometime! My partner works somewhere up in North York. Well, at least she did before the lockdown. Now she works on our dining table!

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