A raccoon hanging around near our yard. April 2021. The poor thing was being chased and barked at by the neighbour’s dog and didn’t seem to know where to go.

8 Replies to “Rocky returns 2”

    1. I think there might have been something wrong with it’s eyes. It seemed very disorientated and was feeling it’s way around a lot. It didn’t help that it was being harassed by a dog.

    1. Yeah, we will do next time. We wanted to call someone but it was on the neighbour’s property and they weren’t exactly sympathetic when we mentioned it to them.

      1. Your neighbours sound delightful. I’m not 100% sure, but with raccoons it’s not only a matter of animal welfare, but possibly human health (a disoriented raccoon could be rabid), so I don’t think it entirely matters to the Wildlife Centre (or Animal Control, but they will definitely put the raccoon down instead of trying to help it) if it’s on your neighbour’s property. Good luck and please keep us posted if you see that raccoon again 🙂

        1. Yeah, I wasn’t sure what the laws are here with regard to animal welfare and our neighbour has, how shall we say, “anger management” issues. In the UK, you can call the RSPCA and they have certain powers that allow them to enter properties if they believe an animal is in danger or being mistreated.

          1. I think the law has changed here, but the Wildlife Centre should be able to advise you (you could even contact them now and ask what to do in future- the OSPCA should also let you know). Hopefully if the raccoon comes back, it’ll stick to your yard. I’m sorry it’s so confusing- you’re not the only one unsure what to do, unfortunately.

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