This is one of my favourite additions to Rocky Smiles the Rock Snake, which is not to be confused with a rock lobster.

Started in the spring by a young instagramer (@lucas.explores), the Rock Snake stretches across Kew-Balmy Beach, Toronto, and is now an impressive 1km in length and comprises over 11,000 decorated stones. I wonder who’s counting them?

Apparently, even Toronto mayor John Tory has been down to take part, though I’m not sure which stone he added.

Anyway, it’s an awesome achievement with some very creative and talented contributors. The rock snake certainly livens up the boardwalk area!

A sign they had made to encourage others to join in!
It’s a me, Mario!
A Nintendo Game Boy, for a bit of 90s nostalgia
A creepy-looking cat!
The Madonna?
Summer time!
A killer, killer whale πŸ‹
A little rock person. I can’t work out whether they’ve used glue!
One of many lady bugs/birds.
Mother’s going to build the wall.
Don’t worry, bee happy!
The call of Cthulhu?
Canada, eh!
Some very lovely dot painting
Keep on rocking
Pink Floyd goes death metal?
Mushroom house

4 Replies to “Rocky Smiles the Rock Snake”

    1. Yeah, I enjoy walking along side it and checking out the new additions.

      I think some of the rocks might have been pinched! There’s definitely ones that have disappeared but some may have just gotten buried under the sand.

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