Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

I’d been meaning to visit Mount Pleasant Cemetery for a long time. Although it’s not quite as old as the Toronto Necropolis, it’s just as picturesque and historic. 

Perhaps more so – there are some very grand and flashy memorials here. And the gardens and arboretums are just fantastic.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is a non-denominational burial ground that opened in 1876. Among its 168,000 internees lie some pretty famous Canadians, including Canada’s longest-serving prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King (who I saw a very weird and surreal film about a couple of years back!).

The cemetery also contains 231 Commonwealth War Graves and is considered a National Historic Site of Canada.

I do love exploring old cemeteries. I think I’ll have to return here by myself sometime. It was a hot and humid day, and my partner was growing restless. So, I didn’t get to meander and investigate as much as I’d liked. I bet it looks awesome underneath a thick blanket of virgin snow!

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