The Freedom for Hungary Monument in Budapest Park, Toronto.

The monument commemorates those who fought and gave their lives in the 1956 uprising against Soviet control of Hungary.

Victor Tolgyesi, the creator, was one of the 37,500 refugees who fled to Canada after Soviet troops marched on Budapest to crush the revolution. It was erected in 1966 to mark the 10th anniversary of the uprising.

6 Replies to “Freedom for Hungary”

    1. Also thinking about it, in 1959 my Mum was sent away to Rochdale to have her baby (me) as she was unmarried and ostracised from her family, she stayed in an appartment block full of the Hungarian refugees and they were lovely to her and helped her out a lot. Good people.

      1. That’s a heartwarming story.

        I visited Budapest about 10 years ago. It’s a beautiful city rich in history and the people are fabulously warm and friendly. But the Museum of Terror, which is a memorial to all those brutalized and killed under the fascist and then communist regimes who both used the building for those very purposes, is a very sobering and depressing experience. It certainly gives you an insight into what those refugees were fleeing from.

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