More Halloween goodness from The Beaches, Toronto.

In other news, Adobe has significantly reworked the masking tools in the latest Lightroom update, and now they’re a bit more on par with what you can do in Photoshop. Why couldn’t they have released this update a week ago when I was attempting some relatively complex masking inside Lightroom. Typical!

Anyway, I was playing with the new masking tools last night. The new UI takes a bit of getting used to, but the tools are much more versatile and flexible than before. Being able to combine different selections and invert any mask type is cool, and I love that the colour and luminance selectors are now masks in their own right. And the AI subject and sky selection tools are actually pretty decent.

I almost feel like I’m getting value for money for my monthly subscription. Remember the days when you could buy software, instead of just renting it!

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