A golden lion tamarin at Toronto Zoo.

These monkeys are so cute, they’re about the size of a large squirrel and very, very ginger. They were also very hyperactive, which made photographing them rather challenging as they were also behind glass and in a gloomy lit indoor enclosure.

I ended up having to use a very high ISO for shooting these cheeky chappies and other indoor critters, which meant the many of my images were so noisy they were virtually unusable.

Lightoom’s built-in noise reduction simply wasn’t cutting it so, I thought to heck with it and bought Topaz DeNoise AI in a Black Friday sale.

I have to say, it’s not perfect, but the results are very impressive. Noise reduction software certainly has come a long way since the last time I tried a third-party solution!

6 Replies to “Cheeky monkey”

    1. I tried a few and the Topaz Denoise AI was easily the best. You can use it directly on RAW files and then save as a DNG, which can be handy when working in Lightroom.

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