Yoshi, Mario, Luigi and Sonic kites flying above Woodbine Beach, Toronto.

I airbrushed the cables out of this shot, but otherwise, this is how the kites appeared in the sky. Seeing them triggered flashbacks to a misspent youth of permanently being sat in front of computers and video game consoles 😁

The guy who was these belong to is often down the beach flying huge, colourful kites and has a whole bunch of different ones, including some giant squids.

7 Replies to “Sonic & Mario”

      1. My curiosity made me look it up 🙂 The one at Woodbine is called Windfest (no comment on that name). The one I was thinking of doesn’t seem to exist anymore, but there is another festival in Brampton, which isn’t too far of a drive (and also transit accessible).

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