Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

This shot was taken in October when all the squirrels were in a mad frenzy to find food before the winter set in. I wonder how they’re coping in all the snow? We had 40cm on Sunday and I don’t think the thick, icy carpet is going away any time soon! It’s certainly been making my morning walks along the beach fun 😁

5 Replies to “Gerald”

  1. I’ve never seen a black one here, not sure there are any. Mind you it’s years since I saw a red one or a grey one either. We go looking for them on photo outings but they know we’re coming and hide I think. This is a grand shot did you use a long lens?

    1. Black squirrels seems to be the most common around here, but you also see red and grey squirrels. You see them constantly, sometimes in large groups – it’s a bit like being in a Hitchcock film 🤣

      Just my 16-80mm for this shot, the little guy stood right in front of me and seemed unfazed by my presence.

        1. They’ll chase after anything that looks like food to them! So, we’ve had them try to run off with our table tennis ball and also our pétanque jack. And one time, when I was shooting a pumpkin outdoors, they kept trying to take nibbles out of my prop 🤣

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