RC Harris Water Treatment Plant, Toronto. December 2021.

I’ve been having some sleep issues of late, which is fun because I recently got to spend the night at a sleep clinic all wired up and monitored with microphones and night vision cameras while trying to catch some zzzs in a ridiculously uncomfortable bed. Actually, that was the very opposite of fun!

Long story short, I’ve been given a strict sleep hygiene programme to follow, part of which involves avoiding sleep-ins and getting at least 30 minutes of natural light within two hours of waking up.

So, every day I now go for an early morning walk along the beach and I usually take my camera along for the ride. It was a pain in the butt at first as I’m not really a morning person, but I kind of enjoy it now, even when it’s snowing or as cold as -20C! I’m also starting to feel some sense of kinship with all the early-morning dog walkers and joggers I frequently encounter 🤣

Anyway, expect lots of sunrise pictures of Balmy Beach and Lake Ontario 🌅😁

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