S’Winter Station by Ryerson University’s Department of Architectural Science. This installation was part of the Winter Stations exhibition on Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Feb 21-Mar 31.

When I took these shots, they were still in the process of assembling the installations, so the back part of this one is missing. I did take some pictures of the completed installations sans snow at a later date.

In case you were wondering what this artwork is supposed to convey, here’s the official blurb:

The forces of nature are relentless. Like the falling snow of the sky and the shifting sands of the beach, the pavilion embraces local wind, snow, and sun conditions. Following these directions of force, the pavilion’s wings embody movement by harnessing snow and mitigating strong winds. Beach towels have been formed into dynamic concrete panels with varying openings. These panels control the amount of light and snow allowed to enter, while also creating unique views outwards. Together, the panels and wings protect users and encourage them to engage with their surroundings. Where the lifeguard station, beach towels, and marine ropes are more frequently used in the summer, the pavilion achieves resilience by employing these objects in the winter. The pavilion acts as a shelter for the community where winter conditions are celebrated by harnessing and adapting to natural forces.

Glad they cleared that up 😁

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