The Hive by Kathleen Dogantzis & Will Cuthbert. This installation was part of the Winter Stations exhibition on Woodbine Beach, Toronto, Feb 21-Mar 31.

As I mentioned in my previous post, they were still in the process of assembling the installations when I took these shots – hence the traffic cones!

Here’s the official description, in case you were curious:

The resilience witnessed among communities in the face of challenging and unprecedented times is paralleled among the honey bee. Honey bee colonies are primary composed of worker bees whose greatest measure of resilience is maintaining hive temperature throughout the cold winter months. This is achieved by adapting worker behaviour to use energy from stored honey to generate body heat within a tight hive cluster. The challenge of keeping the hive warm is met by a colony level response – much like the collaborative community level response that is mounted in the face of adversity.

The installation is designed with a hexagonal structure reminiscent of a honey bee colony, and it highlights the colour variation of honey, which is the result of diverse floral resources. Individuals are welcomed to experience the visual diversity of a honey bee hive and work together to form a collaborative community level hive cluster.

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  1. Wierd stuff going on, I can see the thumbnail picture in the reader but if I click through there’s no picture, just the text, so I tried to go on your actual site and get ‘this address is unreachable’. Dunno what that’s all about.

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