A man wearing a bloody pig mask and boiler suit

Originally from the UK, I’m an enthusiastic and rather geeky amateur photographer who currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

Photography seems to suit my restless nature and ever-decreasing attention span. I’m an opportunist who moves quickly and impatiently from subject to subject, then sometimes back again. This is not necessarily an effective way of working in photography, but it seems to help keep me sane and boredom at arm’s length!

When people ask me about my style or genre, I’m never really sure how to respond. Whimsical, perhaps? Opportunist?

I generally just shoot anything that takes my fancy or amuses me. I suppose I do take a lot of landscapes as well as shots of statues, buildings, and ruins. And I have more than a slight penchant for horror, gothic, noir, and abstraction. Urban decay and grime also tend to get my juices flowing!

Equipment-wise, I work with my trusty, compact, and relatively inexpensive Nikon D5600 DSLR (earlier pics were taken on a D5100 and a D40). Having more recently overcome my aversion to changing glass, I now own several Nikon DX lenses including:

  • 18-55mm 
  • 16-80mm
  • 70-300mm
  • 35mm prime
  • 18-200mm (my workhorse of yesteryear but now effectively retired)

I also enjoy endlessly tweaking and experimenting with my images in Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik Collection and DxO PhotoLab. My post-processing mostly revolves around contrast tweaking, subject masking, split toning, texture blending and occasionally monochrome conversions. In fact, I probably spend more time messing around in Lightroom than I do behind my camera!

The rest of my time is spent playing video games, searching for a pet monkey that can play the accordion, and stockpiling supplies and weapons in readiness for the imminent zombie apocalypse. Will you be ready when the undead start feasting on your neighbours?

You can find me on flickr, and I have a DeviantArt page for my horror and gothic-themed photography.

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