Stray leaf

A decaying leaf sits atop of what I think might be kale (it was in what seemed to be a vegetable patch) at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. It was wet and cold so didn’t get too many great pics, but the coffee and […]

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Gothic arches

From a recent trip to Lincoln Cathedral. Thanks to the friendly tour guide, I now understand the difference between a minster and cathedral. The later has a bishop! Indeed the word cathedral derives from the Latin ecclesia cathedralis, which essentially means church with a bishop’s […]

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lanzarote vineyards 3

Lanzarote vineyards 3

Another drive-by shot of the La Geria wine valley in Lanzarote. It’s a unique landscape of black volcanic ash pockmarked by endless rows of man-made hollows in which individual vines grows. See previous post for a description of this fascinating region.

lanzarote vineyard

Lanzarote vineyards

One of my drive-by shots as we passed through the remarkable landscape of the La Geria wine valley in Lanzarote. Despite strong winds and extremely low rainfall, wine has been successfully cultivated in this region since the volcanic eruption in the 1730s. Individual vines are […]

Jardín de Cactus 3

Jardín de Cactus 3

Another shot from inside Jardín de Cactus, in Lanzarote (see previous post for more detail) and my first attempt at using the new HDR merge function in Lightroom 6.

Jardín de Cactus

Jardín de Cactus

Inside Jardín de Cactus, in Lanzarote, a beautifully landscaped cactus garden developed under the guidance of local artist César Manrique, like pretty much everything else on the island (see here for a little more detail). Our timing was good – the hazy late afternoon winter […]