sly zombie

sly zombie

brighton, zombies & Halloween

sly zombie

1/200(shutter priority); f/5.6 ; 200mm (300@35mm); ISO 900

Another participant from the Beach of the Dead. Yes, it’s my never-ending zombie series!!!

6 thoughts on “sly zombie”

  1. The makeup for this pic is very well done. I also like the fact that you’ve chosen this muted look to the colors this time around; I think it really brings out the death in the victim :) Also, the guy grinning makes for a kind of macabre vibe to the whole shoot. Love it!

    • Thanks. I’ve been trying to vary the look and feel of my zombie pics to make the series more interesting. I definitely felt this one needed the colour turning down. It also made the blood seem more realistic.

  2. Like the make-up in this one – the grey is particularly effective. I wonder what he was doing when he got the chop. Great portrait, again.

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